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Facility Opening Guidelines

June 12 / COVID 19 PHASE 2 Amendment

 Please see the updates below in regard to phase 2 of COVID 19 Regulations.  We will continue to monitor Security cameras to ensure guidelines are being followed.  If guidelines are not followed, the facilities will be shut down until further notice.  Instructions to book the arena are further down.  Booking prices remain the same (refer to website)

We encourage all our renters and volunteers to stay informed and remain up to date on COVID-19 Developments via the Alberta COVID Website.  Please refer to the COVID posters at the facilities.

Please refrain from utilizing the YAS Facilities or volunteering at the facilities if you are feeling sick or if you have travelled outside of Alberta in the last 14 days.

Hand Sanitizer and wipes will be available when entering the facility.  Please be respectful and notify YAS if we are running out.

There will not be washroom facilities at the YAS grounds during the initial opening due to the fact that we do not have full time personnel to clean as per the COVID requirements.

With the wipes provided, please wipe down any surface that you touch (Muck forks, Muck cart, lights, etc.) before you leave the facility.  Please use the open, lined garbages to dispose of wipes.

·         Please social distance in the parking lots leaving a significant      distance between units.  Please park in the areas indicated in        the drawing below. 

·         The indoor will continue on a Booking only Basis. 

·         The outdoor arena will now be open to open riding and bookings (Outdoor will require 5 hours notice for a booking) - Please refer to the calendar on the YAS website for available times for open riding.  Any time that there is not a booking is considered open riding - note the 5 hour notice and make sure you are looking at the calendar so you don?t show up during a booking. (you will have to leave - bookings take precedence)

·         There will be no "open riding" in indoor - Bookings only.

·         There will be no Events (clinic's, jackpots, etc.) in the indoor. 

·         The outdoor arena will now be open to gatherings of up to 100 including spectators. If you are holding an event, the porta potties can be available but it will be the hosts responsibility to ensure they are sanitized during and after your event.  The host will provide the sanitizer, wipes, and disinfectant for their event.

·         Open riding prices still apply for the outdoor (please refer to website)

·         Indoor arena maximum 10 people per booking (this includes spectators) - Park at indoor arena

·         Outdoor arena maximum 100 people (this includes spectators) - Park at outdoor arena

·         Renters must always adhere to the 2-meter social distancing rules (family members living in the same household are exempt)

·         At each booking, YAS requires the names of every person in your booking (including spectators) so that we can track who has been in the facility (Renters must have a YAS membership and YAS must have your complete contact information).  If you are open riding at the outdoor arena, please write the time and everyone in attendance on an envelope located beside the outdoor bleachers on the North side.

·         There is a mandatory ½ hour between bookings.  You MUST be out of the arena by the end of your booking.  For the outdoor arena, private bookings will have a ½ hour buffer before and after the booking so open riders must not arrive during this ½ hour.

·         There will be a Maximum of 6 hours per person each week for private bookings.

·         There is a maximum of 3 hours per booking.

·         All other rules on website are the same, please read them for more info.


·         All bookings must be made by e-mail to

·         E-mail must include:

o   Date:

o   Time:

o   Indoor/Outdoor arena

o   Duration (maximum of 3 hours)

o   List of everyone in booking

o   Payment is made at the arena in the drop boxes provided

Volunteers going in to groom the arena will be provided with gloves and wipes when operating the tractor or watering the grounds.  Ground maintenance will be done outside of booking timeslots and not during the ½ hour between bookings.  Approved groomers can groom before your booking and right after your booking and must wear the gloves and wipes provided as long as it does not interfere with a booking before or after you.

The rules above may change at any time; we will keep our members updated to changes as Alberta re-opens in the various stages and we will make changes accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact Trina Swerbus at 780-712-2813 or Scott MacRae at 780-723-0910.

Thank you for your patience as we try to work through the COVID-19 requirements.

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